Medical practitioners

Medical Practitioners operate in a complex and demanding area. As a result they require advisors who understand their unique professional pressures, time constraints and requirements.

How Pilot can help

At Pilot we have experience working with a wide range of medical practitioners and are committed to providing specialised services to the medical community. We assist medical practitioners in all areas of the industry including sole practitioners, general practitioners operating as part of a medical centre and specialist medical practitioners.

We provide a comprehensive range of accounting, bookkeeping, business advisory, audit and tax services to help practices strategically plan for future events and enhance success. We also offer a full outsourced practice management service ensuring your business has up to date financial information tailored to your business which is analysed and reported on a monthly basis. Our team of advisors can assist in problem solving by providing commercial, practical outcomes that are a complete solution.

Some of the ways we can assist medical businesses or individuals include:

  • Structuring for asset protection and tax minimisation
  • Budgeting and cash flow planning
  • Salary sacrifice arrangements to utilise concessions in the medical industry
  • Assistance with all accounting and income tax matters
  • Strategic financial assistance including planning for expansion, succession and sale
  • Project management of financial affairs

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The ever-increasing litigious nature of our society combined with the complex and sensitive services offered by the medical profession makes personal liability and asset protection a major consideration for any medical practitioner. Structuring your practice correctly to ensure maximum asset protection and minimum exposure to personal liability is critical.

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