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Pilot Chartered Accountants is made up of a team of expert accountants and specialist advisors who share a common philosophy – our clients are our focus.

We approach our client’s business with the same enthusiasm and inspiration as we have for our own. As a growing mid-sized firm we proudly work with many different types of entities and individuals.

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Sally Hindson
Sally Hindson
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Bradley Hellen
Bradley Hellen
Forensic Accounting
I focus on forensic accounting coupled with corporate reconstruction and insolvency. My pragmatic and commercial approach ensures clients achieve the best outcomes.
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Ann Fordyce
Ann Fordyce
Business Performance & Recovery
Throughout my career, I have been appointed as a Trustee in Bankruptcy, Liquidator, Receiver, Voluntary Administrator, Deed Administrator and Investigating Accountant.
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Nigel Markey
Nigel Markey
Business Performance & Recovery
I work closely with each client to find realistic business solutions.
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What we offer

Pilot is here to guide you through your business needs. We believe that we offer an alternative to the large traditional accounting firms. Pilot infographic More about Pilot


Financial Modelling               Financial Modelling: Unlike an Excel spreadsheet, a financial model creates new information enabling stakeholders to make informed and calculated decisions about their business. Learn about how models could be used in your business.  

What our clients say

"As doctors we like to know all the 'hows' and 'whys'. Pilot is very good at explaining the details in a patient and easy-to-understand manner."

Dr Caron Forde

"Since 2005, Pilot has given us the advice, guidance and confidence to establish, maintain and grow our practice. Pilot has been and continues to be the perfect fit for us"

Dr Paul Belt

"Pilot is an important cog in the wheel of our business."

Brook Monahan, Managing Director, Mosaic Property Group

"We could not have achieved our goal and navigated the waters of an ASX listing without a dedicated management team and the assistance of our talented advisors."

Trevor Dietz, CEO, BPS Technology

"We have found that through Pilot we now have access to a close-knit team providing sensible commercial advice, leaving no gaps for error."

Bruce Anderson, Director of Finance, Graystone

"After meeting with the team I felt Pilot had the correct culture fit for me."

Craig Dowling, Owner, Couran Cove Island Resort

"We are more than happy with the outcome of the sale process and we realise that we would not have been in this position without Pilot’s advice and assistance."

Jan Weinert, Former Owner of SAT Civil Constructions

"Pilot clearly understands my expectations and goals."

Marg Booth, Owner, Great Expectation Speakers Bureau

"For me Pilot is an essential part of our business. I have total confidence in Pilot’s decisions and advice."

Phillip Meagher, General Manager, Valmont Irrigation Australia

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We produce regular newsletters and alerts. They cover accounting issues affecting our clients’ businesses and relevant industries as well as updates about the firm. If you would like to hear from us, please complete the form below.

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With the new year approaching, businesses across the country will be starting to think about the year ahead and how...
Wed, 12 Dec 2018