Over July and August 2019 Pilot Partners had 13 staff members – almost a quarter of all staff – donated blood at the Red Cross Edward Street, Brisbane location, as part of the Red25 initiative.

Pilot joined Red25 in 2018 when a team member from Pilot’s Corporate Advisory division became aware of the initiative. Since then Pilot staff donations have saved a total of 78 lives.

The most recent group of donors included many new staff who donated both whole blood and plasma.

Red25 is a donation program run by the Red Cross which invites workplaces, community groups and universities to unite in giving blood to achieve 25% of all blood donations needed in Australia.

As a firm, Pilot is always looking for ways to give back to the community, especially to such a meaningful organisation as the Red Cross. It is seen as a privilege to be a part of this initiative and to be helping Red25 achieve their goal.

Being able to take time out from their busy day to be part of this program is also very rewarding for Pilot staff members.

Pilot staff members from various divisions including Corporate Advisory, Marketing, Restructuring and Business Advisory, all donated their time during their lunch hour for this worthy cause.

Having the support from their employer to take part in such a fantastic initiative in the midst of their day-to-day work has received positive feedback from staff, as they enjoy being involved in this charitable activity.

Pilot Partners is proud to be supporting this mission, and hope to continue to foster growth in donor numbers going forward.


By Sally Diacaris.