The amendments to the instant asset write-off have been fully legislated, less than a week after some of the changes were announced in the 2019-20 Federal Budget.

The write-off has now been extended to slightly larger businesses, and the limit for the write-off has increased.

Let’s take a look at whowhat and when this concession applies to:

Eligible businesses Aggregated annual turnover Asset write-off limit Time frame
Small Up to $10m $20,000 To 28 January 2019
Small Up to $10m $25,000 29 January 2019 to 2 April 2019*
Small Up to $10m $30,000 2 April 2019* to 30 June 2020
Medium $10m to $50m $30,000 2 April 2019* to 30 June 2020
* 7:30pm legal time in the ACT 2 April 2019


Importantly, “medium businesses” are only able to access the write-offs for assets purchased and first used/installed ready for use from 2 April 2019*. Conversely, “small businesses” only need to have the assets first used/installed ready for use within the above timeframes, and therefore are able to access the write-off for assets already held (held after 7:30pm legal time in the ACT 12 May 2015).

Note that access to small business pools for assets over the write-off limits will remain in place only for “small businesses”.

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