Insights | 21 Aug 2023

Future Mapping your business and life goals

What is your financial destiny?

Are you taking control of the controllable to achieve your goals in business and life?

In our experience, we have found clients who do not have a clear roadmap for their future will find it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to achieve their financial goals and desired outcomes. For this reason, Pilot has assisted many clients with their planning and future mapping, which has enabled them to reach their potential and has led to successful business and lifestyle outcomes.

What is Future Mapping?

So, what does future mapping look like and why is it essential?

It all starts with three simple questions.

Where are you now?

You need to identify where you currently sit from a financial and satisfaction perspective. This is your starting point – your ground zero. By taking a ‘warts and all’ approach to assessing your current position, you will become empowered with the knowledge you need to move forward in the desired direction.

Where do you want to be?

Looking at a 5-10 year horizon, we work with our clients to identify their desired position in a number of business and lifestyle areas, within the next five, and ten, year windows.  We have found these timeframes to be long enough to create aspirational, yet also attainable goals.  Working through this exercise also helps our clients prioritise the different areas and goals in their work and personal lives so they can focus their energies towards the outcomes they are wanting to achieve.

What do you need to do to get there?

During this stage of the future mapping process, we help our clients identify the areas that need to be addressed and actioned to set them on their pathway to goal achievement. This might involve rectifying current issues or setting in motion the appropriate tasks to propel them towards their targets.  We work with our clients to advise them on what the next steps are, and if they need assistance from other advisors in the legal, banking, or other financial space, we draw upon our network of experienced providers to connect them with these specialists.


The future mapping approach helps to empower our clients in their business and/or personal lives to grow their financial position and improve their lifestyle and wellbeing. Through the establishment and documentation of a clear vision and desired goals, there is a greater level of accountability to deliver on these outcomes, for both the client, and their Pilot advisor.

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