In December, Waterfront Place held its annual “Christmas – A Time for Giving” charity campaign. The building management team asked tenants to nominate charities for the building to support.

Pilot put forward one of its not-for-profit clients, the Australian Communications Exchange (ACE), and it was one of four organisations selected to participate in the campaign.

ACE is a national not-for-profit organisation and a leading service provider for the Deaf, hearing and speech impaired communities.

During the campaign, all personnel working in the building were invited to drop Christmas baubles into large containers for the charity of their choice. The building owners then matched the number of baubles in the container with a donation amount to each of the nominated charities.

We would like thank the Waterfront Place management team for supporting ACE. The donation will go towards the further development of vital telecommunication services for the Deaf, hearing and speech impaired communities.

ACE Chartity Photo1

Sandy Gilliand from ACE at the cheque presentation