At the end of March 2020, the existing accesses to the Australian Taxation Office’s (“ATO”) online portals (via AUSkey and Manage ABN Connections) will be closed.

Replacing these is the combined system of myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (“RAM”). Ensure your business is ready for the transition by working through the steps below – don’t leave it until it’s too late!

Prepare for the change

If you have not yet transitioned across, you will need to work through the following:

  1. Check your Australian Business Number details are up-to-date in the Australian Business Register here. This includes ensuring the contacts, associates and nominated AUSkey users are correct.
  2. Ensure all individuals that require access to the online services have set up their myGovID (see below).
  3.  Create the business portal access through RAM (see below).

There are likely to be teething issues, as we have been finding at Pilot already! Therefore it is best to work through these processes over the next few months to ensure they are set up and running smoothly before the existing pathways are closed.


The myGovID app is mandatory for every individual that will require access to the government’s online systems (note this is different to myGov accounts). The app broadly becomes an extra security point for accessing the government services.

When logging into the online portal going forward, a four digit code will be provided which the individual will need to enter into their app.

Please ensure each relevant individual attends to the following:

1. Download the app

Each individual must download the app on a compatible smart device – instructions can be found here.

Please be aware that every individual will require a separate smart device, and unfortunately no communal devices can be used for this (e.g. shared office phones or tablets)

2. Create their account

The individual then follows the app instructions to set up an account. A few things to consider:

a. We note that email addresses cannot be changed at this stage, therefore please consider which you prefer your staff to use (e.g. private vs work). Noting that MyGovID is each individual’s personal government login mechanism, it may be appropriate for them to set this up with their personal email address. This way they are able to retain access in the event they leave your employ.

b. The remainder of the information should be setup as their own personal account.

c. Please also check what names that the individuals are registering with. Their accounts will reflect their ‘official’ name per their identification documents (see below), and this will then need to match to the RAM access provided below. Difficulties might arise where individuals are using maiden names vs married names, or where nicknames/abbreviated names are used etc.

3. Add their identification documents

Individuals will need to setup standard identity strengths at this stage to access the ATO’s online services. To do so, an individual will need two Australian identity documents from the following:

• Driver’s licence or learner’s permit
• Passport
• Birth certificate
• Medicare card

If an individual has less than two identity documents, they will only have basic identity strength and will be unable to access the ATO’s services. Note that we understand some individuals may be unable to achieve standard identity strength, such as our international clients. The ATO have advised that a solution to this will be released in March 2020. Please reach out to us if you are having issues because of this and we will contact you when the solution has been released.

Once registered, the individual is given access to a business’ online portals through the RAM (see below).

Relationship Authorisation Manager (“RAM”)

Once individuals have myGovID registrations, there are three steps to take to create business portal access:

1. Set up the business with RAM

A “principal authority” is required to be able to link the business through the RAM system. A principal authority is a business owner or a listed associate in the Australian Business Register.

Once the principal authority has a myGovId, they can begin the process of linking to the RAM system here.

2. Authorise others

The principal authority is then able to issue access to other users (though they will require standard identity strength to do so). There are a number of different user permissions that can be provided:
• Authorisation administrator – a user who can create and manage authorisations for others;
• Authorised user – a user who can work on behalf of a business;
• Machine credential administrator (MCA) – a user who can create and manage machine credentials to interact with government online services through business software; or
• Basic user – a user who can work on behalf of a business with a basic identity strength in myGovID. You will need to re-authorise these users every 12 months, and they are not currently able to have access to the ATO’s services.

There are options to do bulk imports from the existing online services – an “import AUSkey users” function allows you to transfer permissions of existing AUSkey users associated with your business.

Further instructions can be found here.

3. Accept authorisations

The users being added must then follow the steps to accept their authorisations (they will receive an email with the information to follow).

Contact Pilot

If you would like to learn more about myGovID and RAM for your business, including any assistance with the transition, please contact Julie Bennett, Ramona McGregor or your Pilot advisor on (07) 3023 1300.