Chris King

All business sale transactions require robust financial modelling to demonstrate the benefits and risks to the parties and financiers.

We can assist with:

  • Bespoke three-way transactional models
  • Scenario analysis of different proposals
  • Mergers & acquisitions, divestments and leveraged buy-outs

Case study

A listed client was approached by a large, privately-owned business about purchasing their domestic and international operations. Due to the relative size of the purchase, the listed client determined that they would need to go to the market to raise additional capital to fund the purchase.

Pilot’s Financial Modelling & Analysis team worked with both the listed client and the privately-owned business to prepare an integrated forecast of the consolidated entity, post-transaction. The model used the budgets of the two entities, adjustments due to different accounting methods and expected efficiencies and synergies from the transaction. The outputs of the model were all designed with scenario testing in mind, with all key variables and synergies able to be tested by any user of the model.

The model was provided to the lead broker on the transaction who, based on their confidence as to the robustness of the model, used it to promote the capital raising to potential investors.

For more information, contact Chris King from our Financial Modelling Team on (07) 3023 1300.