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Automation of the Accounts Payable and Finance function is the way of the future. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming manual data entry of invoices and receipts with the use of expense management software.

Xero recently announced that, from 18 March 2020, Hubdoc will be included in all Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans. Hubdoc is an expense management program. It is aimed at helping automate data entry for owner-managed businesses where the majority of the expenses are paid for by a couple of key personnel.

Hubdoc will help streamline and simplify the accounts payable function through eliminating manual data entry and reducing paper clutter. This will free up time and resources to allow personnel to focus on tasks that allow the business to grow and expand. The integration of Hubdoc will also allow businesses to quickly identify upcoming payables and therefore better manage cash flow.

How it all works

Other software programs are available to streamline the Expense and Finance functions of larger organisations. We will cover these in future Pilot articles.

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If you are interested in seeing how these tools – such as Hubdoc and Xero – could help your business, please contact Kevin Duong at [email protected] or your Pilot Advisor on 07 3023 1300.