The Federal Treasurer has announced a relaxation to the more stringent eligibility criteria announced only a fortnight ago in introducing JobKeeper 2.0.

Based on recent announcements, employers seeking JobKeeper payments for the December 2020 quarter will only have to assess their eligibility based upon a fall on year on year turnover for the September quarter, rather than for both the June and September quarters. A similar test, again based upon just the turnover for the December 2020 quarter, will apply for eligibility for the March 2021 quarter.

Further, in an effort to encourage employers who have started re-employing, staff members need only have been employed by the business on 1 July to be covered under the new rules, rather than dating back to employment in March 2020.

Employers will need to continue to monitor these rules, and the detail in the legislation when it is released to ensure they understand how the rules will impact their business.

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