Earlier in the year, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) made it possible to link an individual’s myGov account to their ATO account.

If your ATO account and myGov accounts are linked, all correspondence from the ATO will be sent to your myGov inbox. This means that all ATO letters and documentation will go directly to you rather than to Pilot, your tax agent.

The ATO will then send you an email or text message notifying you of a new message in your myGov inbox.

If you choose to keep your accounts linked, Pilot will no longer be the primary contact point for ATO correspondence.  We will, however, still be able to act on your behalf as your tax agent.

If you would prefer Pilot to be the ATO’s first point of call in relation to your taxation affairs, your myGov account will need to be unlinked. See below instructions on how to unlink your account.

  1. Log onto your myGov account
  2. Select the Services page
  3. Click on the unlink icon {Unlink Icon } next to the service you wish to remove

More information is available on the myGov website.

Please contact your Pilot Advisor on (07) 3023 1300 if you have any questions.