Great Expectation Speakers Bureau is a Brisbane based company assisting corporate and government organisations in securing professional speakers, trainers, entertainers, MC’s and facilitators. With access to a database of more than 3,000 inspirational and educational presenters, Great Expectation assists client’s source and contract speakers both locally and abroad for conferences, special events and in-house training programs.


Great Expectation owner Marg Booth purchased the business in 2004 after being employed in the business for 18 months. She was passionate about the industry and felt very positive about making changes to improve the business as a whole. By changing her business model and focusing on building strong and long term client relationships, she was able to grow her business.

As the business continued to grow so did Marg’s concern about her accounting provider. She felt that her accountant didn’t understand the business or her personal wealth goals. “I was concerned that I was not getting the best advice for the business, or for myself,” said Marg.


Marg learned about Pilot through an event invitation. “I was flipping through a trade magazine and a flyer fell on the floor. I picked it up and it read, ‘Why Banks Aren’t Lending to Small Business,’ and I thought being a small business owner that sounded like an interesting topic – so I signed up for the event.”

At the event, Marg met some of Pilot’s professional team and clients. “I liked what the Pilot speakers had to say. I also questioned other clients on the night about their business association with Pilot and I liked what they had to say about the firm.”

Marg then met with Jason Bayliss, a Partner in Pilot’s Business Advisory Division.

“Marg has a terrific business and a real passion for what she does,” explained Jason. “At our initial meeting, I focused on learning as much as I could about the business and Marg’s personal goals.”

After several onsite meetings, Jason identified key areas of her business and finances that could be improved on and then developed strategies to address those areas. Many of these strategies have now been implemented with great success.

Pilot also took the opportunity to review the book keeping and processing systems of Great Expectation with a view to streamline and simplify procedures. Pilot Commercial Services Manager Anita West met with Marg’s staff and after reviewing the systems made recommendations that have resulted in efficiencies and an overall improvement of the business’ operations.

“Working with Anita has been great,” said Marg. “She has been very diligent and our reporting systems have really improved for the better.”

Jason also recommended Marg meet with a wealth advisor to help her build a secure financial future. “My business has benefited from this relationship because we are all working together toward the same end goals”, said Marg.

Since engaging Pilot, Marg has been able to refocus her time and energy in continuing to grow the business. Marg states that she has peace of mind with the knowledge that she and the business are moving along a positive path and that she has access to business resources that she can call upon at any time.

“My business is based on strong relationships and client service. Therefore, I have the same expectations of those that support my business. Pilot clearly understands my expectations and goals. After more than a year of working together, Pilot has continued to identify ways to help grow and improve my business.”


  • Developed long-term business strategies that are aligned with the owner’s financial goals
  • Access to accounting resources that can be called-upon at any time
  • Staff spend less time on MYOB processing and other systems – focus on growing other areas of the business
  • Introductions to other like-minded business advisors in Brisbane

For more information contact Jason Bayliss from our Business Advisory Division on (07) 3023 1300 or [email protected]