Links6With more than 20 years experience providing Expert Accounting assistance in the Family Law arena, the team at Pilot have established a comprehensive understanding of the legal process as well as the requirements of the Family Court.

Our experts work closely with you and your legal representatives to analyse the complex financial and taxation issues associated with matrimonial disputes. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Appointment as Joint or Adversarial Experts;
  • Valuation of businesses and enterprises for the inclusion in the calculation of the net worth of the matrimonial pool;
  • Consideration of notional taxation and realisation costs inherent in a winding up of matrimonial assets;
  • Assistance with settlement structuring including taxation consequences;
  • Conducting investigations including tracing of funds of the parties;
  • Review and critique of other Expert Reports;
  • Assistance in drafting questions relating to Joint Expert Reports;
  • Superannuation valuation and splitting assistance; and
  • Provision of evidence in Court as required.

Regardless of the nature of the assignment, we pride ourselves on delivering objective, well reasoned and logical advice in a timely manner.

Our skills and experience assist the parties and their legal team to efficiently navigate the litigation process during an otherwise unpleasant and stressful time.


To arrange a meeting with one of our professionals please contact Natalie McKay on +61 7 3023 1300 or [email protected]