The Pilot GO team facilitate and provide technology solutions for businesses. With many solutions available, it can be overwhelming to choose what technology to invest in. That’s where Pilot can help to provide a tailored service to support the individual needs of our clients.


BRW Enterprises is a hydraulic engineering company which specialises in hydraulic and wet fire design and documentation. BRW Enterprises was founded almost 30 years ago by Bruce and Carol Williamson and while the business was sold in 2017, Bruce and Carol continue to consult to the new business owner.

Julie Bennett, a Business Advisory Partner, has worked alongside BRW Enterprises since the inception of the business.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Carol and Bruce and watch BRW Enterprises grow over the past three decades”, said Julie.

Business solutions from Pilot

Pilot recommended and implemented automated and cloud accounting solutions for the client as they originally had a time-consuming and manual process using Excel spreadsheets for invoicing and bookkeeping.

The client was spending hours each week completing these tasks so Pilot initially introduced Cashflow Manager to help reconcile transactions in the bank accounts.

In 2016, Julie introduced Janelle Kiernan, one of Pilot’s Certified Xero advisors and part of the Pilot GO Advisory Team, to work with BRW Enterprises to help transition to a more automated process using Xero.

“Honestly, Pilot and Xero have reduced the time I was spending on accounts, invoicing and wages by 70%. I gained 3-4 days each month in time”, Carol said.

Through software solutions, Cashflow Manager and Xero, Pilot helped BRW Enterprises improve their efficiency across a range of business tasks including invoicing and bank reconciliations, record keeping, payroll and income statements (formerly PAYG summaries).

Invoicing and bank reconciliations

Pilot switched invoicing and bank reconciliations to Xero in October 2016, including converting existing spreadsheet records which resulted in:

  • Automated and streamlined tasks, reclaiming time for the business owners
  • Discovering errors totalling $27,664 owed to the business.

Accurate and up-to-date record keeping

Xero and more accurate records have assisted BRW Enterprises with:

  • The sale of the business in 2017 by allowing the buyer to easily see up-to-date business information to complete their due diligence;
  • Assessing eligibility easily and in a timely manner for the COVID-19 stimulus; and
  • Strategic business planning.

Payroll and preparing income statements

The previously time-consuming and manual process was converted to an automated function through Xero, saving the business owner’s time and money.

“Thank you so much for taking away my largest headache of the year” [Referring to income statements], said Carol.

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